Saturday, May 24, 2008


Due to overwhelming request...

Monday, May 19, 2008

But but but butt...

So if you know me then you would know that im a huge procrastinator. I make huge fantastic plans for everything but it takes me forever to actually get anything done. Grrrr

Yesterday me and Ashley went swimming in our clothes after getting all hot from doing laundry all day she showed me a nifty little trick for getting blood out of clothes. I know nasty but I dont care it was cool!

Other then that I need to start working again on the tattoo design I started on a week ago right now its only a clound and a wave haha.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Itty Bitty

Me and Ashley went out today she came over and we went out to target then rented a move (Moving McAllister it was ok not as funny as expected) then we went out and had some chinese food. After we watched the movie we decided to go out for a hike on one of the near by trails. I grabbed a hike stick off the ground so that I could beat my way through the wild bush of Fort Worth and through the trails we saw a bunch of little bunnys and then when it started to get dark we saw a bunch of fire flys. I was preety amazed by them and so was Ashley but esp. me since I had never seen a fire fly before. I forgot my camera so I didnt actually get any pictures. Tommorow were going to bring a jar and try to catch some and then let them go of course.

Photo Credit Bowhead

Friday, May 16, 2008

So Apparently...

Im teaching summer school this summer?
Im preety happy about the school I got assigned at since one of my co workers/friends is going to be at the same school and in my same group. Also the school is preety damn nice.

Im voluntering for every single field trip. Beacuse im a big kid who doesnt want to really work I just want to play all day! haha

Its my first time teaching summer hopefully it will be as fun as I want it to be.

Spring Cleaning

except its not really sping and im not really that great at cleaning (more like I dont like it) but either way thats what on the schedule today clean, work, maybe clean some more?

Sounds fun huh!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

So this is life...

Hello im Briggitte and right now your reading my blog about none other then my own life. I can only promise you a few things my grammar wont be good so dont complain im not trying to type out a novel here im just trying to figure out some things. Im a college student, free spirit, artist, and many many other things that you will just have to follow up to find out about. Invisible Ink is a journal of the secrets and aspirations in my everyday life. So come along with me and lets write out live out our life storys together, maybe ill even write you a letter in invisible ink...